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We are CANNABIST, a non-profit citizen activist organization located here in Tokyo, calling for decriminalization of personal use of cannabis in Japan. The recent worldwide public debates over the policies related to cannabis has been gaining momentum in support of decriminalization, backed by scientific evidence and viewpoints of human rights. CANNABIST consists of 3000 members unified by a shared desire to bring an end to the widespread general misunderstanding among the Japanese public regarding the risks of personal use of cannabis. This general misunderstanding has retarded rational reconsideration of the current policy that prohibits the personal use of cannabis. The current policy has caused what we consider to be wrongful violations of human rights. There have been over one thousand arrests each year, and those who have been arrested have been subjects to often severely strict punishments completely disproportional, and uncalled for, considering the fact that personal use of cannabis only poses more or less equivalent risks as compared to tobacco and alcohol in terms of personal health and overall safety of the general public.

We have been active since the year 1999, and through our efforts to decriminalize personal use of cannabis, we aim to make our own society freer and better.

Address: 2-6-19-101 Sakurashinmachi Setagaya-ku Tokyo 154-0015 Japan